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US-owned China-based manpower, expertise & infrastructure for clients that wish to outsource supply chain management & manufacturing.



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China Sourcing Information Center

A China business blog written by professional buyers for professional buyers.



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Coordinating Legal Support Across Asia

AsiaBridge manages your legal issues in Asia so you can focus on growing your business back home.




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The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing: a comprehensive guide to common pitfalls and best practices.

Available on Amazon or visit the website below to learn about the book and author.



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China Sourcing Service Center

A comprehensive guide to reputable and affordable service providers!


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The China Sourcing Academy

Online training for purchasing professionals, buyers and importers.


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AmAsia is a Hong Kong-based private equity firm with administrative offices in Shenzhen, China supporting investments across the developing Asian economies.

Founded by Mike Bellamy, financed by the Tong family and supervised by the PassageMaker Group, AmAsia provides a unique blend of capital, infrastructure and managerial expertise.